Are you satisfied with your sexual life

A study from a medical association journal reported that 43% of women and 31% of men are suffering from these sexual problems.

A lot of people are not satisfied with their sexual lives. So if you face this kind of problem, you are not alone! Having satisfying sex is the essential part of any strong relationship. Feeling comfortable with sexuality is very much a necessary part of your self-esteem, and for maximum people, the actual enjoyment of life

The major portion of the happiness of our lives comes from having satisfying relationships. When romantic relationships are sometimes most central, maximum couples stick their head in the sand about how dissatisfied they truly feel with their sexual life.

Over time, this tends to eat into other parts of that relationship, making indifference, anger & an overall distance. When you face this sexual problem, the first question that can arise in your mind is, “which is the sexologist near me?” to end these queries, you can have to read this blog minutely.

Attachment styles & sexual satisfaction

This sexual satisfaction is gained when the partner’s profit exceeds the actual level of their expectations about that they deserve to receive or while this gain is about equal for both of them. Some researches show that this sexual satisfaction influences relationship satisfaction and stability. The adult attachment orientations also impact how people create the actual sense of their romantic relationships. The insecure attachment can also be of an anxious or an avoidant type. You can also take advice from the sex therapist.

This is well worth exploring how satisfied both of the partners are- and if one of the partners becomes unsatisfied, that is the actual time to address the problems actively.

What matters is that you both are satisfied with frequency. It can be twice a day or once in a month, as long as you both are in an accord. There is a tremendous variation in what people prefer this sexual desire for frequency.

There is no particular answer about that. If you face any problem which hampers your relationship, you should not neglect that issue. It would help if you visited the doctor’s chamber without any delay. And this would be better if you discuss with your friend and ask, “which are the best sexologist doctors near me for immediate help?”


There is nothing to worry about. You are not alone; maximum people face these issues due to stress and a hectic life schedule.