In case of Emergency, the Emergency Eye Wash Station is designed to deliver a high volume water flow into your eyes as fast as possible. It not just reduces discomfort and pain but also speeds up irritation clearing in the event of any damage to the eye.

Emergency Eyewash shower

If you are in the manufacturing or fields that work with chemicals, it’s important to have emergency eyewashes and safety showers available. We offer wide ranges of these items as well as guidance on how best maintain a safe environment for workers who use hazardous substances every day.

What type of equipment should I install?

When you work in an industrial environment, it’s important to be aware of what dangers are present. With that being said; emergency eyewash and safety showers stations should always be on hand at all times for any employer who uses chemical or hazardous substances because Emergency Eyewash Singapore   accidents can happen quickly without warning! We offer wide ranges of these lifesaving equipment as well guidance from trained staff about how best maintain workplace safety standards while using our products efficiently so they’ll never go amiss when needed most – like during emergencies which may arise without notice.”

Eyewash and Eye/Face Wash Stations

The emergency shower should deliver a pattern of water with an diameter so that it can come in contact with the entire body – not just the top of one’s head. ANSI also recommends this same 50cm (20″) requirement for their standard-sized showers, which range from 60″ to 96″. The minimum volume output is 75L/minutes and requires 15 minutes’ immersion time at least once per day before being turned off again

Self-contained Eye/Face Washes

In the event that you have a self-contained eye/face wash, it is important to follow all instructions from manufacturer. The requirements for these units are similar as those of plumbed toilets with regards to access and ability provide flushing liquid at least 15 minutes before requiring refill–just make sure your appliance has been installed correctly by an expert!