God Stories: My Brother’s Keeper

A lesson conveyed by Howard Batson, Pastor, First Baptist Church, Amarillo, Tx., on June 6, 2010

Beginning 4:1-16

Cain and Abel were siblings. They played together as youngsters. They assembled posts. They swam together. They had cut into a similar tree. They’d constantly been am I my brother’s keeper dashing and contending with each other. They were siblings ” they were adversaries and companions.

Adam and Eve had shown them the method for loving. They told the young men about the good ‘ol days in the Garden, when they had strolled and chatted with God. He came down to them consistently. The guardians told Cain and Abel the best way to get ready penances. They said, God remains somewhat away from us these days, so we need to converse with Him via smoke signals. The youngsters assembled their special raised areas. They strike up the tune of the fire and send their acclaim and gratitude to God.

Then, at that point, comes the word from paradise. Abel makes the love group, however Cain is cut from the list.

It’s a natural story. Both of the young men brought their contribution unto the Lord. Cain resembled his dad, Adam ” he was a rancher. So when he brought a contribution, it was normal for him to carry produce to God. Abel was a farmer, so when he brought a contribution, it was legitimate for him to bring a contribution from his rush.

The inquiry that stands to us as perusers of the story is clear. For what reason did God acknowledge the contribution of Abel and for what reason did He dismiss the contribution of Cain? The creator of Hebrews (11:4) gives us a clue. With a supernatural conviction Abel proposed to God a preferred penance over Cain, through which he got the declaration that he was upright, God affirming about his gifts, and through confidence, however he is dead, he actually talks.

Cain is insulted. How dare God acknowledge the contribution of his child sibling but decline his?