Hindi Phrases to Learn Before You Go to India

Fundamental Hindi expressions are an absolute necessity to have in your collection in the event that you are visiting to India, regardless of whether for a couple of months or going on vacation. Going to a nation where your local language isn’t the essential can be scary and somewhat unnerving. Not to stress, here are probably the most widely recognized Hindi expressions with their essential elocutions, executed in a more easy to understand way than those junky minimal phonic markings found in many word references.

Namastey, aap kaise hain i hate u ka matlab . (na-mas-thay, Aap kai-say hello?) Hello, how are you? In India, we frequently welcome individuals by saying Namastey with collapsed hands.

Primary theek hoon, dhanyevaad (Mai teek hu, dhun-ye-vaad) I am fine, thankyou.

Aapka naam Kya hai? (Aap-ka naam kya hello?) What is your name? For the most part, it is a relaxed inquiry posing to your name.

Mera naam…..hai( May-ra naam….hey) My name is…. This is a reply of the past question.

Aapko Hindi aati hai? (Aap-ko hindi aati hey)This inquiry will be posed by many individuals, except if you have effectively made an endeavor, and afterward they will essentially grin and be extremely sweet to you.

Mujhe angrezy nahi aati hai (Mu-jay un-grazy n-he aati hello) I don’t communicate in English. This can be a reaction assuming they don’t know English.