How to Choose a Computer Power Supply

I had stopped repairing ATX strength deliver a few years returned because of the brand new one cost very reasonably-priced. It’s no longer really worth to repair it due to the fact the spare components every so often have been plenty greater high-priced than getting a new energy deliver. Searching for ATX strength deliver spare components become no longer smooth as a lot of them you cannot even find them on the net. Not only that, many complex and extraordinary designed by energy deliver producers had eaten up our precious troubleshooting time too because of we need time to understand how most of these distinctive designed strength supply work.

Some of the power deliver designs were using the PWM IC (UC3842) and strength FET, a few use the double transistors even as a few use best a single energy IC in the number one facet. Because of the producers wishes the design to be made into compact length, many secondary or maybe number one strength deliver circuit had been build into a modular board (smaller board). This made troubleshooting even greater tough due to the fact usually the meter’s probe can not reach to the testing factor.

The actual reason why I had stopped repairing ATX energy deliver turned into the profit margin. If you price to high the clients alternatively buy a brand new unit with one year warranty given. If you fee too low, you could emerge as within the dropping aspect due to the components changed, power and and so forth. If you fee reasonable, the income margin received can’t even cowl a while spent on troubleshooting it. I’m here no longer to discourage you to forestall repairing ATX strength deliver, however when you have the time, have contacts getting cheap electricity supply components, easy to get entry to many strength deliver schematic diagrams and etc then you may move ahead to repair it.

Okay back to the article, one among my customers had requested me to restore his ATX energy deliver. I advised him to get a brand new one (because it was very reasonably-priced) but he stated he couldn’t discover one that fits his customer’s CPU. He desired a electricity deliver that is either equal size or smaller then the original one with identical or higher specification however all he may want to locate become a popular size energy deliver!

As a favors to my consumer, I might do my satisfactory to assist him to restore the ATX energy deliver. When the strength supply turned into switch on, measurements have been taken. The effects were over voltage. The 12 volts line shot up to thirteen + volt and the 5 volts line became 5.6 volts. After the casing changed into eliminated, I discovered the inner turned into very dirty and I used a vacuum cleanser and a broom to clean off the dirt. Then I noticed 4 filter electrolytic capacitors had bulged on the top casing.

As , we as digital repairers cannot just see things at only one side; we need to see the alternative facets too. What I mean turned into, attempt to see if there are any suspicious components that contributed to the failure of the strength supply along with damaged additives, dry joints, unfastened connection, decay glue and and so forth earlier than begin checking the suspected region.

What I saw become at the primary facet there were pcb230 some additives blanketed with decayed glue as seen inside the picture. I ought to cautiously get rid of it by way of scrapping off the layers of the decayed glue at the same time as keeping the outer layers of the components. Once it become carried out, I easy it with the Thinner answer. Decayed glue ought to purpose severe or intermittent trouble in digital device because it may be conductive.

If you restore any ATX power deliver, ensure you take a look at the fan too because some power deliver failure become due to heat as a result of a faulty fan. The cause of the fan is to suck out all of the warmth generated by way of the components inside the electricity supply. In order for the fan to run clean, you may service it through the use of a Philips oil base spray as proven within the photograph.

Once the 4 electrolytic capacitors had been replaced and the decayed glue eliminated, I then ought to plug it right into a junk motherboard collectively with a hard disk to test the overall performance of the ATX energy deliver and degree all of its output voltages. It looks like the output voltages have been again to normal. Once everything is k I then check it in a running CPU to check for the display.

The purpose I check it with a junk motherboard first as a way no longer to reason my right motherboard to move awful just in case if the output voltages continues to be very excessive. Better secure than remorse later. By the way you can’t check a energy supply without load otherwise it may grew to become on for a while and then shut down. If you do no longer have a junk motherboard you can usually at the least connect a hard force and a wire jumper to its connector to turn at the ATX energy deliver.

Do you know that most ATX strength supply is using dual schottky barrier rectifiers to transform the ac wave into DC voltages? Even in LCD Monitor electricity deliver, a dual schottky were used in the rectification too. For your facts, checking schottky diode is different from checking a everyday diode. With analog meter set to X10 K ohms, it need to show a few leakage analyzing while doing the reverse bias test. If this element turns into faulty it is very clean to get a alternative, of path you need to get one with the proper specification. That’s serious about today, desire you experience the object and come again more frequently to test out for any ultra-modern repair strategies that I’m going to share to you.