interesting reasons to enter the solar installation business now

This is the right time to get into the solar installation business

The solar energy industry is truly booming. There was never a better time to enter this field. Customers who are ready to install the solar PV system in their homes are often placed on the old waiting list because there is not enough installer to fulfill current demand and continue to increase. The initial equipment costs have fallen and there are more federal and state subsidies than before. This means customers can get less but your service costs are not affected. It should also note that the PV system is being designed now it is easier to install and maintain and there are many research with extraordinary new products will be launched.

There is great potential for growth

For the past 20 years, demand for PV Surya has grown at least 30% every year. In the United States, solar installations are expected to multiply in 2011, according to IDC Energy Insights (leading sources for research-based analysis for the solar industry). – And Solar installations if there is enough installer, it’s likely to be more than double. According to several studies, electricity consumption is expected to twice that in 2030 and prices are expected to continue to rise quickly. Requests will definitely become much larger for the next two decades. This is one of the few unsaturated industries out there and the solar installer that has a reputation must have all the work they want and then some.

It’s easy to start in the solar business

Start-up costs are very low. You can be profitable in the first or two months. It’s easy to start part time if you don’t want to get out of your other job. This business is not difficult to learn if you can get someone who is already in the business to involve what they know – it doesn’t make sense in recruiting the wheels here – just your pattern after someone who has succeeded in the solar business. You don’t need a bachelor’s degree but those who have it will feel useful.

You can take a big vanity in what you do

As an annual public solar tour co-organizer in my community, I personally know some of the solar consultants who only files from pride when they showcase their work. Each project is a long-lasting achievement (solar PV lasts 40 years on average) and each project is in a clear sight for the whole world to admire. Solar installers really like to bring us on pre-tours to show all of their projects that can be included in a common solar tour. With a vibrant voice, they said things like “see the panels in the church, I installed them about 5 years ago …. I also install panels in middle school …. want to see?!?” When we passed a house and they pointed to the roof, “Look there …. it was one of my first projects and they still worked well … almost no treatment at all … which they had made an initial investment They returned and now they sell electricity back to the utility company! “Pride solar installer shows for their work very contagious and spread throughout the community. Local newspapers like to write about these projects. It is a rare job where everyone involved feels good – installer and customer.