Light Weight Vacuum Cleaner

Some people are not able to use a powerful vacuum cleaner. It’s a good thing that a lot of manufacturers of vacuums today are introducing lighter versions of their standard vacuum. These compact cleaners are the most suitable option for people who can’t handle big machines or equipment because of the general condition and old agebest lightweight vacuum cleaner for elderly.

Lightweight is perfect for seniors as well as those who suffer from any diseases like osteoporosis and arthritis. The majority of vacuum cleaners are less heavy than 10lbs, and will not harm your back or fracture your spine. They are much easier to maneuver because the handle is smaller as well as the motor smaller and lighter. A few small-sized vacuums have bags or cords that are bagless, which makes it heavier cleaner. This means that anyone can get clean in a matter of minutes because you can move from one area to another without attaching or disconnecting the plugs from outlets. This certainly reduces the effort and time.

Typically, these light vacuums have accessories typically found on larger, more powerful vacuums. If you’re concerned that this type vacuum will not be able to perform the task well but don’t worry because you’ll find light vacuums can also reach up to ceilings and tall cabinets to collect dust and dirt through the use of extension wands as well as brush attachments for difficult-to-access areas in the home. With crevice tools you can scrub the bases and chairs of furniture with heavy weights. They come with brushes for floors that are bare, and some with rotating brushes that are ideal for cleaning carpets as well as braided rug.

Here are a few little vacuums you can purchase on the market:

* Oreck Housekeeper Canister Vacuum weighs less than 5 pounds. It offers a powerful suction and an hose of five feet which can be used to clean areas that are difficult to reach. It can clean high and tall surfaces, couches and floors. It also comes with a hypo-allergenic dust bag, which is perfect for people suffering from allergies and asthma.

* Sanitaire System Pro Hepa Canister Vacuum is the ideal option for those searching for an easier vacuum with a HEPA filter. Similar to the majority of smaller vacuum cleaners on the market, this one is ideal for speedy and simple cleaning too.

The Eureka Maxima bagless Upright Vacuum can be described as an upright model that’s simple to use and light because of its design. It has a simple grasp handle, cord rewind and dirt cup, removing the requirement to change bags of cleaners that are disposable.