New era in stone design with a CNC machine in 2022

Computer Numerical Control (CNC) technology plays an important role in the design and manufacture of stone, providing many benefits to its users. In recent years, Coldspring has invested heavily in CNC machining and helped designers bring their design inspiration to life with a reality that once seemed impossible or too expensive. Thus, architects and designers have expanded their creative boundaries with CNC stone and have encountered:

Building more freedom
Develop a management strategy from development to production
Good management
The latest stone design and final fit and finish
Despite the benefits of CNC, we often hear a lot of negative thoughts about the process in the design world. The worst case scenario is that the CNC is only used for granite slabs. It is often difficult to imagine a controlled computer holding a large rock and creating the work of a fine artist with a chisel in hand. Conversely, CNC machines can easily accommodate slabs and cubes of any size, depending on the type of machine selected by the manufacturer.

CNC technology has played a vital role in the development of key areas in downtown Philadelphia. The old Dilworth Plaza has been refurbished with approximately 100,000 square feet of fine, beautiful stone. The result is a vibrant, open public space for Philadelphia residents and visitors, renamed Dilworth Park for its prominence of 7,000 square feet of green space.

Granite bricks are used throughout the outdoor park, including paving, walls and chairs made with CNC machines. The 14 large benches in the square are made of granite veneers and solid granite capstones. A total of 6,500 square feet of Woodbury granite was used for the chair. According to the design team, the soft, curved shape of the bench and bench is designed to respond to changes in inclination as you enter the plaza. CNC technology allows you to use the same data from design to production, saving you time and reducing errors by eliminating the need to repeat each part.

Installation of pavers became difficult due to the rock’s location atop the city’s transportation system. Basically, the park is a roof and is almost full height. Designers must decide how best to bring rainwater from one end of the park to the other. Therefore, the masonry must have sufficient allowances to meet the required water flow. The excellent workmanship using CNC equipment makes the stone uniform enough to meet the specific requirements needed for water flow.

Further up the southeast coast, the Smithsonian Institution’s new National Museum of African American Culture and History uses CNC technology to create beautiful stones for landscaping. Located on five acres of National Mall between the National Museum of American History and the Washington Monument, NMAACH is the only museum dedicated to the history, life and culture of African Americans. As a result, the museum offers the best of National Mall designs, both in design and landscape.