Operation of Laser Welding Machine

1.Popular diligence about ray welding machine

The fiber ray welder is extensively used in the manufacturing assiduity, shipbuilding assiduity, machine assiduity, battery assiduity, aerospace assiduity, jewelry, biomedicine, greasepaint metallurgy, electronic assiduity, it assiduity, electronic bias, optic communication assiduity, detector assiduity, tackle assiduity, bus corridor assiduity, spectacles assiduity, demitasse teeth, solar energy assiduity Electric heating assiduity/ manufacturing of thin- wall accoutrements and perfection corridor. The fiber ray welding machine can realize spot welding, butt welding, lap welding, sealing welding, etc. The fiber ray welding machine is especially suitable for welding micro, densely arranged, precise, and heat-sensitive workpieces.  To have a  high quality popular laser welding machine price your should be BUYCNC.


  1. Car Industry

The main operation fields of ray welding machine are welding manufacturing in machine, aerospace and boat processing. Taking machine manufacturing as an illustration, ray welding machine has achieved large-scale, and applicable automatic product lines and welding robots have surfaced. According to applicable statistics, in European and American artificial developed countries, 50

70 of bus corridor are reused by ray. Substantially ray welding and ray slice, Ray welding machine has come the standard process in the automotive assiduity. China’s machine assiduity also began to pay attention to this advanced welding technology.

For illustration, Shanghai Volkswagen, which took the lead in using Ray ray welding technology, used Ray ray welding technology on the body of the recently launched multi-functional vehicle, reaching 41 measures. In the automotive assiduity, ray technology is substantially used for body welding, welding and corridor welding.

The ray welding machine used for body plate welding can weld essence plates with different consistence and different face coatings together, and also press them to make the plate structure achieve the most reasonable combination. Due to small distortion, there’s no need for secondary processing. Ray welding machine pets up the process of replacing forged corridor with body stamping corridor. Using the ray welder can reduce the imbrication range and some buttressing corridor, and can also compress the volume of the body structure itself.

Ray ray welding technology can insure the connection of welding joints at the molecular position, effectively ameliorate the body stiffness and safety in the process of collision, and effectively reduce the noise of the vehicle.

Operation of welding pristine sword in the design and manufacture of machine body. According to the different design and performance conditions of different vehicle bodies, machine manufacturers will elect sword plates of different specifications, and also complete the manufacturing of vehicle body corridor through ray cutting machines, similar as frontal windshield frame, door inner plate, etc.

Ray welder has the advantages of reducing the number of corridor and molds, reducing the number of spot welding, optimizing material consumption, reducing part weight, reducing cost and perfecting dimensional delicacy. Still, ray welding machine is substantially used for the welding of body frame structure, similar as the welding of top cover and side body. For profitable welding industry, one should have machine with reasonable laser welding machine price.

The traditional backward resistance spot welding system has been gradationally replaced by advanced ray welding. Using ray welding technology can effectively reduce the range of welding face at the joint of workpiece, which not only reduces the use of plate, but also improves the severity of vehicle body. It has been espoused by some of the world’s major machine manufacturers and leading corridor suppliers producing high- end vehicles.

  1. Aircraft Industry

Another main use of ray welding machine is in aircraft manufacturing. It’s substantially used for splicing of skin of large and medium-sized aircraft and welding of skin and long stilt to insure the figure forbearance of aerodynamic face. And, ray welder is also extensively used in the assembly of fuselage accessories, similar as the assembly of delirium sect box and abdominal fin. Also ray welding machine is used to complete the welding and splicing of 3D space. Ray welding machine not only has good welding quality and high product effectiveness, but also has good process reproducibility and egregious weight reduction effect. Thus, more and more aircraft are manufactured by ray welder.

  1. Jewelry Assiduity

In the jewelry assiduity, ray welding machine can also meet the aesthetics and welding between different accoutrements. As we all know, for the jewelry assiduity, beauty is veritably important, which requires the weld to be as small as possible. The advantage of ray welding machine is beautiful weld. At present, it’s extensively used in spot welding and inlaying holes of jewelry.

  1. Mold Industry

In the earth assiduity, the cladding technology in ray aluminum welder has come the main technology of earth form. The aeronautics assiduity uses sheathing technology to repair the heat-resistant and wear-resistant subcaste of nickel grounded turbine blades of aeroengine. Compared with other styles, ray cladding has the advantages of fast heating speed, lower heat input, small distortion, high cling strength, low dilution rate, accurate control of modified subcaste consistence, good positioning, good availability and high productivity.

  1. High Technology Industry

Stainless sword welder has been introduced into some other diligence, similar as mobile phone batteries, electronic factors, detectors, timepieces, perfection ministry, communication, etc. Due to the high investment in outfit, ray welder is only used in high value- added fields. Indeed in these areas, Ray welder has not been completely employed for a long time. Still, with the development of new ray aluminum welder technology and outfit, welding pristine sword is gradationally squeezing into the “ home” enthralled by traditional welding technology for a long time. To get low cost laser welding machine just Go Here.