Peacock Feathers And Faith

The peacock is one of the most wonderful creatures on the planet. Their shiny and colourful feathers make them a beloved bird in many cultures. The amazing beauty of peacock feathers has captivated individuals for very some time. Peacock feathers are simple to gather since they get rid of them Obviously on a yearly basis over the molting season.

In various cultures, peacock feathers symbolise various things. Even though they are sometimes linked to pleasure, they can also symbolise fantastic or bad luck.

Greek Mythology

In well-liked Greek mythology, the peacock is associated with Hera. Legend has it the peacock was developed from Argus, an enormous who had hundred eyes. It really is believed that Hera transferred the eyes of Argus for the tail of your peacock so she could regulate her unfaithful partner. The peacock grew to become a sacred white peacock facts bird into the Greek civilisation and thus just the priests had the permission to handle the chicken. Every other human being could be place to death for defying the sacred custom. For this reason, it was believed that the possession of peacock feathers or acquiring one particular at your house would carry lousy luck.

Egyptian Mythology

Peacock feathers symbolise the ‘all viewing’ awareness which is an historic image of immortality. The Egyptian mythology is closely connected with the Greek mythology except The point that in Egyptian myth, the feathers ended up also Utilized in funerals. It truly is believed that these feathers symbolised resurrection which meant which the deceased was not likely lifeless and could be reborn. Due to this, individuals commenced associating the feathers with death and finally the initial Affiliation with rebirth and immortality was forgotten. Consequently, peacock feathers ended up regarded as an omen of doom and people dreaded retaining them inside their residences.

Hindu Mythology

In Hinduism, peacocks are connected to goddess Lakshmi as their feathers are believed to symbolize characteristics like patience, kindness, fantastic fortune and luck. The peacock is additionally said to get the hen of lord Krishna who wore its feathers in his hair. Even currently, many Hindu gurus make use of the chook’s feathers to provide ‘shaktiput’, the blessing to their disciples.


Because peacocks reduce their aged feathers and mature new types every year, they signify eternal lifetime, renewal and resurrection in Christianity. Generally speaking, the hen by itself signifies the ‘all looking at’ church plus the sanctity and holiness associated with it.

During the earlier occasions, Christians thought that the chicken’s blood had the facility to dispel evil spirits. This fowl is usually one of the animals that appear within the stable in Jesus Christ’s nativity.


When peacocks spread their tail, they Screen all the things and for that reason their feathers are associated with openness. The feathers are used for purification ceremonies in Buddhism.

Jap Europe

In a few regions of Eastern Europe, peacock feathers are considered to carry bad luck since they have been worn with the Mongol warriors. For this reason, They may be never retained Within the residence.

A number of other cultures and religions place Unique significance from the peacock feather. There are several other myths and legends which encompass the peacock. In a few, They may be considered to deliver very good luck, while in Many others They may be seen as lousy luck.