Praise the Lord and Pass the Ammunition

Praise the Lord

And skip the ammunition

Our national leaders

Must serve their personal ambition

Politicize morality

Profess to be God fearing

Self-righteousness and proper wing

Video tape their church attendance and sing

Yet concerning the 10 Commandments

Give lip provider and do  50 Beowulf ammo not anything

Thinking themselves to be some thing

Disregarding the Creator and humanity

Preferring to serve their own arrogance

Though the Bible says

“Thou shalt no longer kill”

These despots don’t know how to sit back

They’ve bought out to Halliburton

And the Carlyle Group

Providing consultation and recommend

To the ones at the back of a corporate coup

Politicians with a couple of interests

Political and personal

Profiteering and foreign policy engineering

The Saudi royal circle of relatives endearing

Sadaam Hussein demonizing

Weapons of mass destruction fabricating

Chemical guns like white phosphorus

In Jalalabad, American infantrymen the usage of

Vietnam revisited once more

Big Brother is our exceptional pal

Selling our army might to the international locations

Providing safety and special forces education

Then while the conflict starts

Our troops will unnecessarily give their lives

Warmonger politicians behind closed doorways

Celebrating and giving excessive fives

When will the general public comprehend?

Look past that which the media does propagandize

When will the people protest

Those who falsely politically profess

When will the people fight returned

Lift up their voice and declare war

Against people who in American authorities lie

It’s time we upward thrust up and defy

The liars, crooks, and despots in Washington

That declare themselves clever

But in actuality despise

The purpose of presidency

As they despise the ones

Whom they are intended to serve

When will there come

From heaven a phrase

A launch of judgment and righteousness

Against such duplicity

Deaths needless

Of such political maneuverings

Be wary.

Paul Davis is a lifestyles educate (relational & expert), popular worldwide keynote speaker, creative consultant, explorer, mediator, minister, liberator and dream-maker.

Paul is a minister and author of numerous books including God vs. Religion; Breakthrough for a Broken Heart; Stop Lusting & Start Living; and Adultery: a hundred and one Reasons Not to Cheat.

Paul’s compassion for humans & passion to tour has taken him to over 50 countries of the sector wherein he has had a tremendous effect. Paul has additionally delivered revival to many in war-torn, impoverished and tsunami troubled areas of the earth. His nonprofit employer Dream-Maker Ministries is constructing dreams and breaking limitations.

Paul’s Breakthrough Seminars inspire, revive, wake up, impregnate with purpose, impart the fire of preference, catapult humans into a brand new degree of self-awareness, facilitate future discovery and dream success.