Roi In Sports Betting

The ROI indicator in sports betting demonstrates the success of the bettor . ROI is the return of investment, which translates as return or return on investment.

Return on investment is the key to play more wisely and get best returns with your invested amount and ROI gives you insight into the performance of your forecasts. Each trade is an investment, and the net winnings are income. Sports betting 유로88 is an investment, and profit is its return.

The size of the winnings does not indicate the success in betting . For example, a player won $ 100, but you cannot say that this is a good result and the predictions were high-quality, since the starting bank and the number of bets are unknown.

If 1000 bets were made at $ 10 each, and the profit was only $ 100, this is not a success. But if you managed to earn $ 100 after 50 bets of $ 10 each, then this can be considered a worthy indicator.

ROI formula

The value shows the ratio of the amount of profit to the amount of all bets. ROI is measured as a percentage (%). It can be positive or negative. To determine ROI, the formula P / S * 100% is used, where:

  • P – net income;
  • S – the sum of all bets.

Calculation example

Let’s imagine that in a month you have made 100 bets of 500 rubles each. The sum of all bets is 50,000 (100 * 500). The profit was 5,000. Let’s consider the data into the given formula:

  • ROI = 5,000 / 50,000 * 100% = 10.

10% is a good result. ROI accuracy increases with the number of trades processed. You can show 100% after 10 bets, but over a long period, most players will not reach the 10% mark.

A profit of 5-7% is considered excellent, because after every 1000 USD wagered, the player will earn 50-70 USD. Professionals operate with large banks, therefore 10-14% per month from 200 thousand rubles, acceptable earnings.


The indicator allows you to compare the effectiveness of tippers and your own strategies, but the comparison will be objective if fixed rates are made. It is possible after 100 bets of 3% of the bank to be in the red, but then play 파워볼오토 all-in and the situation will change. Therefore, you cannot rely solely on ROI in betting. It is important to understand exactly how the bettor achieved certain results.