Sid’s Black Friday disaster

Say hello to Sid, in this short [fictional] story.

Sid sells shoes. Sid not only sells shoes. Sid makes shoes. He has a factory producing shoes from the finest leather in Street, Somerset.

Last year, during lockdown, Sid’s shoe exports went down. He no longer had demand from his traditional bricks and mortar sellers.

Sid decided to launch his business online and take his finest leather shoes, from Somerset direct to consumers. He used Shopify to build an online store, with the help of his nephew, Sam.

Sid’s shoes, with some help from marketing, really helped the business take a jump. Sid saw direct orders grow steadily.

Suddenly, Sam suggested that Black Friday would be a great day to sell more shoes and they came up with a sales promo, to buy one pair and get a second pair at half price.

This worked a treat. Sid saw silly amounts ipaas provider  of orders; which was great. Until he realised that his eCommerce system didn’t talk to his warehouse management system. Sid and Sam spent many long nights with their dedicated staff fulfilling orders, but this still wasn’t quick enough for some.

“Still waiting for my black Friday order” said Shelly from Sydenham on her Twitter. Sid felt bad. All he ever wanted to do was sell shoes and for Shelly from Sydenham to have a good shopping experience.

That’s when Sid spoke to Patchworks. We helped to integrate Sid’s Shopify Shoe Store with Peoplevox. Unfortunately, Black Friday 2021 wasn’t the exemplar of sales and customer service Sid would have liked, but he’s ready for 2022 – are you?