Speaking for Motivation: Top Traits of Successful Motivational Speakers

This article will do 2 things for you:

1. Briefly communicate approximately a few common (however quite funny) stereotypes of motivational speakers. We’ll check some real-existence examples from the huge kind of motivational speakers on the circuit nowadays.

2. Give some awesome suggestions on a way to deliver your own motivational speeches via exploring the top 6 key components that a hit motivational speakers have in not unusual.

The cease goal of this text is to assist empower you to create and supply your very own inspiring motivational speeches so that you can cross forward and help others make wonderful adjustments in their own lives.


When someone starts offevolved talking about motivational speakers, the general public either:

Bring up their very own favorite speakers and proportion how stated speaker(s) changed their lifestyles, or
Roll their eyes and groan.
… More frequently than no longer, people do the latter.
When it comes to stereotypes, motivational audio system seem to get the blunt end of the stick. Often perceived as frantic, loud, and in-your-face, this form of public speaking generally receives brushed off for being, well, all speak.

However, there may be a completely particular (and growing) fan-base for motivational shows. After all, the phrases of inspiration and insight that a truly good motivational speaker stocks can create the kind of “a-ha” moments that definitely resonate!

Inciting tremendous changes for everything from kicking terrible behavior to pursuing your goals and dwelling the life you have imagined – fine audio system can motivate their audiences to comprehend the internal ability for success that lives within all people.

The reality is that a strong motivational speaker may be a real force to be reckoned with, irrespective of what your very own personal opinion of them may be!


Truly true, installed motivational audio system command some pretty decent coin – Tony Robbins, as an example, prices as a minimum $a hundred,000 in keeping with engagement.

The purpose for that is that appropriate motivators can effect the lives of lots in a unmarried presentation, developing a literally exponential return on funding.

But the procedures they use to inspire are regularly drastically special, so how do all of them come to be accomplishing the same impact?

Let’s check the very distinct varieties of three top motivational speakers to figure this out.

– Tony Robbins: Energetic Motivation

Tony Robbins’ high-strength, excessive-volume, and excessive-target audience participation presentations have stimulated hundreds of thousands to pursue their dreams. He actually receives attendees out in their seats, overestimated and boldly yelling out affirmational mantras of fulfillment together.

The end end result is a crowd of stimulated move-getters who are prepared to “ask better questions, and as a end result get better solutions” – answers that will (with any luck) help them navigate the path to fulfillment and happiness.

– Dr. Roberta Bondar: Intelligent Inspiration

Other audio system, like the exquisite and excellent clever astronaut Dr. Roberta Bondar, select to percentage their motivational public speeches with greater intimate audiences best in particular niches and settings.

Dr. Bondar’s approach is noticeably very specific to Tony Robbins’; her presence and spoken words are substantially calmer and her talks have a tendency to keep the decibels at more ear-friendly levels. But her message continuously inspires human beings to pursue their “height overall performance potential” as she drops pearls of wisdom and dishes out meals for concept.

– Steve Rizzo: Hilariously Helpful

Yet different speakers rely on comedy to supply their message, like the hilarious Steve Rizzo. Having walked far from his career as a comic who shared the level with greats like Jerry Seinfeld and Rodney Dangerfield, Steve makes use of his sharp comedic timing to deliver messages of perseverance through adversity that inspire crowds to “live the dream.” For Steve, laughter is the excellent motivation.

When you boil it all down, successful motivational speakers are available all shapes and patterns – however they all manage to encourage their audiences to make advantageous, impactful modifications of their lives.

They try this by locating their personal presentational fashion and gambling to it. In identifying what works satisfactory for them and using it to their advantage, they effectively add an air of authenticity to their talks. And this authenticity is essential.

After all, no person wants to concentrate to someone who would not earnestly, one thousand% believe in what they’re preaching!

Like top motivational speaker reserving agent, Rich Libner of MCP Speakers, says when speaking about his very own roster of speakers at the circuit,

“It’s vital to remember the fact that motivational audio system like Tony Robbins, Roberta Bondar, or Steve Rizzo aren’t much special from the relaxation folks. They all have fears, disasters, difficulties, and dirty dishes.”
So if they can communicate to and inspire crowds of human beings, then you could too!


Believe it or not, there may be a simple recipe for growing and handing over a successful motivational speech.

No count if you make a decision to apply the over-the-top active approach of Mr. Robbins or the comedic transport of Steve Rizzo, following these key components will help you to your direction to motivational speaking success.

Tell a good tale, and inform it nicely.
Our evolutionary records has predisposed us to loving an excellent tale.
Consider this: Every regarded way of life in human history has memories. From sitting by way of a hearth and listening as elders inform testimonies of gods & monsters to shopping for a movie price ticket and immersing ourselves in some epic cinematic experience – we, as a species, in reality love an excellent tale. We constantly have.

Tap into this like to get and keep your target audience’s attention. A properly story makes use of a recognizable pattern to deliver that means, with the maximum commonplace pattern being the classic failure-epiphany-struggle-fulfillment plot…

Know it. Love it. Use it.

Be clear with what you are speakme approximately.
Nobody likes to pay attention someone yammer on without a smooth-to-spot factor. Much like Charlie Brown’s trainer, public speakers that drone on with out a clear reason or cause fast lose their target audience’s attention and emerge as history noise.
Keep it snappy and on-factor. Let your target audience recognize inside the first 2 minutes why you’re speaking to them and what you are talking approximately. After that, ensure that every anecdote, story, and tip you tell directly relates again on your motive for being there.

In other phrases, supply them a roadmap for what to anticipate from your presentation – and stick to it!

Create your very own purchase-in.
Picking up on point range 2, a great manner of making your very own purchase-in is to allow your target market recognise what to anticipate from the get-go. Tony Robbins is a master of this, frequently starting his speakme shows with the following components:
Today, I will speak to you approximately _______. I’m speaking to you approximately it because ________. My aim on the stop is to inspire you to ________ so that you can ________. [-> Enter engaging but simple question to cap your intro and spur audience participation here.]

You do not have to replica that precise formulation, however with a bit of luck you get the idea.

After starting up your roadmap, one of the satisfactory ways of further fostering target market buy-in is by way of encouraging participation. There are extra approaches to inspire target market interaction than this text can listing, but a key point is to make sure that the participation is guided and relevant (and