Super Bowl Movie Trailers – 3 Reasons Why They Are Worth It

Over the years, the Super Bowl has validated itself to be an essential a part of American culture. It is the most watched sporting event of the year, and attracts viewers and lovers from all walks of existence. Many consider it to be a holiday in of itself, and the training made via grocery stores and advertisers seem to echo this sentiment.

Another enterprise that receives in at the Super Bowl craze is the movie enterprise. In 2011, movie studios paid $3 Million for every 30-2d spot that become shown for the duration of the sport. This rate seems incredible, thinking about that each preview is less than a quarter of the length of maximum movie trailers. Can the movie studios justify this cost? I believe they could, and here is why.

1. Mass Communication. The Super Bowl isn’t most effective  the most watched carrying occasion of the 12 months, but it’s far the most watched television occasion of all time. For the remaining years, the this soccer recreation has broken the report for the maximum viewers for a tv event with over 106 Million visitors in 2010, after which about 111 Million visitors in 2011. The sheer extent of publicity alone almost justifies the high price that the studios pay.

2. Demographic. The Super Bowl reaches out to a demographic wider than some other sporting occasion all through the entire year. In truth, for plenty within the United States, it’s miles the handiest soccer game that they watch all yr. As a end result, advertisers of a wide variety can take a far broader technique to promotion for the duration of the Super Bowl than they may for, say, Monday Night Football. The Super Bowl is viewership isn’t best huge, but also very eclectic.

3. Exposure. Do the 30 2nd spots that the Hollywood studios show give us sufficient records to hook us in to a movie? Probably no longer. But at the same time as the movie trailers may not generate sufficient buzz to make us rush to the theatre, the exposure that they convey remains well really worth it. Especially for a movie like Cowboys & Aliens, which we had all heard of before the Super Bowl, however may additionally have slipped out of our interest, overshadowed with titles like Captain America and Transformers three. The Super Bowl spot may also have given this film just the “ping” it needed to live on visitors’ mental radar.