Top 5 Questions About Far Infrared Heaters

You are considering installing a far infrared heating pads, but you still have questions. These are the top five most frequently asked questions about state-of-the-art heaters. You can rest assured that you will make the right choice.

Q1. How can far infrared heating help me save money?

Heating costs make up the largest portion of household outgoings in the UK. This is because heaters heat the air in the rooms. Therefore, the size and wattage of heaters are calculated according to the dimensions of your house and the rooms in it.

Far infrared heaters heat fabric and other objects within a room. This includes people, furniture, and walls. Far infrared heaters use 30% less power to heat your space, which means huge savings on your energy bills.

Q2. How important is maintenance for my heater?

It’s not difficult to find anything! The heaters are very easy to set up and require only a quick wipe down with soft, dry cloth every now and again to remove dust. The long-lasting nature of far infrared heaters is praised. They require very little maintenance.

Q3. Is infrared heating expensive if it runs on electricity?

No. No. The panel’s surface needs to be heated to 90 degrees Celsius and can distribute the temperature with a fraction of traditional electrical input.

Q4. What is the difference in far and standard infrared heaters?

Infrared heaters that are standard or close to standard emit a high-intensity heat, making them extremely hot to the touch. These heaters are not efficient because they emit a bright, intrusive shortwave heat that is too bright to be energy-efficient. This can cause skin and eyes damage. They are generally cheaper than far-infrared heaters, but they can be dangerous. These heaters can cause serious injuries, particularly to elderly people, children and animals. They have a very short lifespan.

Far infrared heaters do not emit any light, but absorb heat directly into people and objects. This creates a comfortable, safe temperature that is both cost-effective, efficient, and also environmentally friendly. They are suitable for commercial, domestic and public use.


Q5. Is far from infrared really beneficial for you?

Yes. The revolutionary technology produces far infrared waves that work in harmony with the body. Far infrared can be beneficial just like sun rays. The body will absorb it willingly. This technology is used frequently in hospitals, nursing homes, and saunas. There have been studies that show the following health benefits:

  • Protection against harmful bacteria and viruses can improve the immune system.
  • The enhancement of the body’s defense system.
  • Improved blood circulation

You can’t ask for more than a reliable, cost-effective, efficient, green, and healthy heating system.